"We can't thank you enough for today. The truck is awesome, you guys were amazing and the food - needs no description. You totally rock, and we will talking you up everywhere we go.  Again - thanks so very much!"

- Michele W.


"I’ve grown up watching my big brother Little Louie be a part of growing up in Northbrook for the past 4 1/2 decades…that’s over 45 years! I’ve watched him transform from an old school Chicago hot dog stand to a newer, fresher place for hungry people to go when they are in the mood for fresh, made to order food and healthy options.  

Since I’m the Wrapper and Salad Spinner in my family, I decided to buy myself a set of wheels and put my “spin” on things in the Louie B. Fresh Mobile Kitchen & Catering Truck.  When I’m out on the street, I will be wrapping and spinning the best, freshest food in town…that is, delicious wraps, fresh salads & hot, crunchy fries! If you’re interested in hiring me for a catering event, my Louie B. Fresh Truck is built to offer various menu choices to satisfy all of your party guests."

Louie B. Fresh
Mobile Kitchen & Catering

"It was awesome ! Rave reviews and truly impressive operation !  I had a dream about those Freshie Fries last nite....

- Corey A.

"Just wanted to let you know that everything was wonderful last night. So many compliments from my guests and I personally loved the food. Your cheese fries are amazing!!  Your whole team on the truck was great. Thank you for everything and I will most certainly recommend you and spread the word. 
Thank you!"

- Nicole G.